Dragon's Belly

July 2nd to July 5th 2013



The team  all ready to go outside Conwy Castle.

Top row,  left to right - Steve Wathall, Clare Oliffe, Dave Pickering, Chris Hare, Mark Rawlinson, Max Howard, Wendy Dodds, Lynda Howard. Bottom row - Nicky Spinks, Tim Whittaker, Tammy Connor, Charmian Heaton, Willy Kitchen, Gerald Connor

1st July - We all met down at Howard Farms in Retford to transfer bags into the cattle lorry and camper van and then travel together to Wales. There was much excitement and even though I thought I had the most luggage Willy  surpassed everybody with his supply of cool boxes and bags. We arrived at the bunkhouse to find that we had a large cottage all to ourselves and so decided that eating in was the best option. A "shopping party" duly departed to Tesco's in Conwy where spaghetti bolognese ingredients were purchased then the remainder of the float was spent on alcohol! We had a very pleasant evening getting to know each other and faffing with kit, maps and the trackers that James Thurlow of Opentracking had lent us. The weather was glorious but all the forecasts were saying that Tuesday was going to be wet and windy. 

Day 1 - Meeting Hugo outside Conwy Castle at 6.30am we hung the Odyssey banner on the railings and had team photos. We set off at the chimes of the clock and duly had to find our way out of Conwy. It was so good to be off. I was worried about my achilles and hoped that I could do everyday and not have my legs and feet fall apart. Once up on the first hill we naturally split into groups. Wendy had collected a couple of runners that she knew and so we were 11 runners across the Carnedds.

The wind picked up as we got to about 700m and we could see clouds and rain rolling in. Navigation was fairly simple though however although we all enjoyed the first leg it was very nice to run down into the valley for a bit of respite and see Charmian's van parked outside Glandana. Me, Tim and Chris arrived first with Steve and Dave following in having taken a more direct line. Charmian said the trackers were working perfectly and she could follow our progress accurately. (the tracks are still up on http://maps.opentracking.co.uk/belly13.cfm .Click on a runner then scroll the maps back to Wales to follow the route taken). James had been in touch to confirm a few things with her but he was pleased with them too.

We all had "proper food" (ready meals out of bags!) at the support and set off up Tryfan going direct up the North Ridge. Halfway up it was time for waterproofs and reaching the top we were met by a gale. The descent was horrible and I thought of Willy and Clare behind; both I know don't like rocks let alone wet ones. It was a relief to reach the col below Bristly Ridge and start climbing again. Across the Glyders it was full on rain and gales blowing us around. I had to stop to put more clothes on and buffalo mitts. We were soaked through to the skin but knew that we would soon drop to Pen y Pass so soldiered on. Finding the path down off Glyder Fawr we meandered around on it till we came out the clag and could see our destination; Charmian's van! Running down we were very glad of a cup of tea and I cheekily asked for a Snickers knowing that there were some in the cupboard as they had fallen out on our journey to Wales. Charmian offered them round and we all tucked in as we had eaten little while battling the elements. Using the toilets I discovered the Dyson dryers - Oh what bliss - warming my hands through my soaking gloves I could have stood there all day. Explaining this to the others outside Chris said "I warmed every part of my body" which raised a lot of eyebrows from us! We had get going before we got too cold. Only Snowdon to get over and then its down to the campsite.

As we left I found a soggy cheese, lettuce and salad cream sandwich and tucking into it I could feel Tim and Chris's "interest" in it so I shared it out! Never has a soggy sandwich tasted so good. We tried to go as fast as we could but Chris was tiring so I dug out jellies and shared them round. There weren't many walkers out and we had the summit to ourselves. Dropping off we decided on a descent route we knew and just kept going. Passing a group of Duke of Edinburgh students we helped them out with navigation and found they were heading to the same campsite as us but as they were ok we left them to walk down.

Arriving at the campsite we dived inside the lorry and were welcomed by hot tea, cakes and snacks. Quickly tucking in we dug dry clothes and shower stuff out of our bags and went and had the best shower in the world. Wendy was there having taken her friends up Tryfan and then dropped to Capel where she commandeered a van and was driven to Pen y Pass. She had sussed out all the showers and told us which were the best ones! Steve, Dave and Mark had also arrived before us as they had bypassed Tryfan and the Glyders to get to Pen y Pass then came over Snowdon. After showering we sorted kit out in tents that Tammy and Gerald had erected for us - with Tim's "body tent" being added to my tent as an "Orangery"! We anxiously  awaited the arrival of Willy and Clare but they arrived soaking wet but happy about an hour later and were hustled into the showers while dinner was made. Without the lorry it would have been horrible as the rain never stopped. The DofE students were huddled in the showers and the Information area to stay out of the rain as long as possible. 

Dinner was steak pie, carrots and potatoes followed by blackberry pie and custard. Absolutely gorgeous. We all decided on a 6.30 to 7am start so porridge at 6am then retired to out tents to sleep. The rain came down till about 3am then abated much to my relief. There was a huge pile of wet clothes in the lorry which the support said they would try and dry out. No-one had enough kit (except maybe Willy) to allow them to wear dry stuff everyday if we got a daily soaking. My right achilles had been sore all day so I dutifully did the ice thing and rolled my calves (yes I had taken my foam roller) - I decided I would carry on and see how things progressed.



Day 2 - Waking to clag but not actual rain was a relief. It took ages to get sorted out and have breakfast. It was also so nice in the lorry but at 6.45am me, Tim and Chris set off. I had eaten too much and felt dodgy on the road but we jogged slowly. Climbing towards the boundary ridge to bypass Cnict we were soon in clag but every now and again the clouds parted and we got a lovely view down to the coast. Once at the quarries though we were in thick clag and the wind picked up a bit too. We hoped that the weather forecast was right and it would be showers today - and it was. Climbing Moelwyn Mawr was pleasant  however; as the trackers show, we descended off the wrong way as we were chatting. Arriving at a fence we decided to climb and contour back to the ridge which worked well. Over to Moelwyn Bach we went and then off on a route that Chris had reccied but was all new ground to me. It was nice to be going somewhere new. As we dropped out the clag the valley didn't really fit the map as the forests had gone but we found the old settlement and then a track by a wall which made good going till it tracked the wrong way and we bashed a route to the station. Down to the support point to be greeted by hot potatoes and leftover steak pie - yummy!! .... Oh and also greeted by Charmian - "Sorry Charmian - it's just that food was taking over all thought processes by then".

 Running across to the Rhinnogs I was trying to interest Tim and Chris in the Merionnydd route to Rhinog Fawr but they weren't keen even when I described the lovely ridge running and views! I also really though that the days were quite long enough and maybe it was a little early to be doing scenic detours so agreed on Chris's route while looking longingly up at Craig Gwnant. The minor road was ok though and we passed some miniature horses with foals which Tim fed with flapjack and Chris with Bombay mix - it's all cereal in the end !! Being a farmer I don't get that gooey over animals but had to admit the foals were cute.

Climbing Rhinog Fawr I said I knew a direct descent line but on the descent when we got to the point the others weren't keen and I wasn't persuasive enough (need a clubhammer next time) so we missed it and had to descend by the gully. Across to Rhinog Fach and our love of heather and rocks was diminishing. At least the weather had improved; we were getting out the clag now and again and had stayed dry. I hadn't felt my achilles all day - so that's a result - when you have a sore achilles go for a 10 hour run in North Wales to sort it out! Up onto Y Llethr and Dyffwys our thoughts were turning to food and what's for dinner again!


Right - Wendy, Mark and Hugo Iffla at Camp Day 2 - note the "shoe rack"

Left - Dave, Max, Clare and Willy.


Trotting down the road seemed to go forever and we were happy to see the campsite at last with Hugo Iffla from Odyssey had driven up to welcome us in and it was lovely to see him. He promised he would be on Cadair Idris the next morning. The sun was out and all our wet clothes had been hung on a washing line and were dry! Off to the showers (yes Wendy had sussed the best ones out again) I went.  Claire, Willy, Max and Dave arrived about an hour later and dinner was once again served in the lorry - this time to avoid the midges!





Day 3 - Clare had to go home this morning so Willy joined me, Tim and Chris setting off at 6.30am. Wendy, Dave, Steve and Mark were going to miss Gau Graig and go straight up Cadiar Idris. We set off in warm conditions but were soon in showers and so put waterproofs on again. The clag came down on the first top and it was windy and very cold climbing to Cadair Idris. By the time we reached the top I was frozen and after touching the trig headed for the bothy. I could smell bacon!! Inside we found Hugo with flasks of hot tea and cooking bacon. Chris being a vegetarian declined for a nanosecond before saying "yes please" and tucking into one too! The butties were delicious but we had to leave some for the others! We all put more clothes / waterproofs on and had a few photos taken. As we were saying our farewells the others arrived and so after a few minutes of chat we got on our way. Thanks very much to Hugo - I don't think many charities would meet their fundraisers in foul weather on top of a 893m mountain at 9am in the morning. (so cough up some more donations please at Just Giving Team Dragons Belly).

Out into the howling gale we went and descended down trying not to get blown over or fall on slippery rocks. We were glad that we were descending down into the valley and made sure we got the right line even though everyone was frozen. Hitting the wall exactly right we found our way down to the next checkpoint through some pipe works.

Chris knew a good route across to Abernolwyn which avoided some road. I was feeling shin pain in my right shin which I hoped wasn't going to get worse like it did on the Dragon's Back. We went through the forest up into clag towards Tarrenhendre. There was a lot of fences not marked on our maps but on Tim's newer map and so we found our way across to the path ok. Once climbing I was happier again as I was still wearing all my layers and quite cold. The route off the top was fairly straight forward and the up and back to Tarren y Gesail. I was explaining to Willy that the views are magnificent but we didn't get any. Descending we passed Steve and Dave - and picked up Wendy's shoe trail through the forest. Stopping wasn't an option; the midges were out in force!!


Running down the road to Machynllech my shin was giving me some jip and so I decided I would try my  compression x-socks and apply some kinesiology tape.

Once again the table was laid out with a feast of potatoes, fruit salad, custard and extra bits. We all tucked in while Wendy went from person to person filling bottles, applying plasters and giving support. 

As the weather seemed to be improving we all changed into shorts and with the help of Wendy's medical knowledge I applied the tape. Along with my clean white socks apparently I looked like Paula Radcliffe (a compliment maybe?).




Running through Machynllech Tim suggested icrecreams and dived into a shop. I wasn't sure I wanted a creamy icecream but when he came out with Twisters lollies I knew that was what I wanted!! Chris was trying to give Tim a history lesson on Wales and so Tim had his photo taken by the government building for posterity!. Across to Foel Fras and Bryn Moel I was preoccupied with my shin as it was still giving me jip. While I waited for Chris the others went ahead and I dug out my daily "soggy sandwhich" and shared it with Chris as we caught the others.  Willy started to get more confident with the navigation and questioned Chris now and again usually starting his query with "Urrmmm I thought we were ...."  Chris was very patient and we generally humoured Willy by visiting all the tops on every summit within a mile radius of the one we were supposed to be going to. "Which one is Foel Fras?" was cause of discussion as was "which is the highest point of Bryn Moel?" so a lot of running about was had (visible on the trackers maybe?) .

We ran down to Hyddgen though in good spirits with just Pumlumon to climb before camp. Chris said he knew a good line and I was happy to go with it. It did prove to be a good line too and we were soon on the top! What a lovely view from there it was but thoughts of "what's for dinner?" were calling down to camp! It was a nice run off even though my shin was complaining. Oh well!

Day 3 camp was a farmers field with a portaloo and a river for washing in. With the use of Tim's "yellow body tent" I washed and changed. This tent had metamorphosed from "orangery" to "baggage storage" and was very useful as it meant all the bags could be offloaded out of the lorry asap. Steve and Dave had arrived and the lads then took over the river with gusto. From inside my tent I could hear shouts and cheers from everybody involved and watching! Dinner was eaten again in the lorry - due to midges !! We all kept up with the days happenings in support camp and Charmian updated us with the facebook comments. Midges were becoming hell for those involved in tent taking down and running certainly seemed the easier option! Gerald had managed to feed the population of Day 2's camps midges while taking down camp that morning. His legs had no spare space on them.


Day 4 - I slept very well having asked for a unsocial spot away from snorers! It was claggy but felt warm and so we all dressed for sunshine! Today my thoughts were hindered by the knowledge that at the end of the day we had 8 miles of tarmac to run down. But with a new application of pink tape (boys opting for Ian's Fitz's present of the black - apparently there is no difference in strength) and my socks on again we set off at 6.30am.

We opted for the scenic off road route to Pont Rhydgaled and then it was track and road through the forest to Pont ar Elan. I was having a poor time of it with the others running ahead and then when I stopped to get a map and sandwich out they almost disappeared from view. True to form I had a strop. Chris waited back for me and was rewarded with half a "soggy sandwich"! We discussed route options to the next CP from the road junction with there being three options - 1) a lot of road to the right of the reservoir 2) a reservoir path on the left that finished halfway along and 3) half road / half paths on the left. Going with Chris's option of reservoir path we set off. It was ok actually - track / path and then some cross country through bracken but better than it looked. Then more track alongside Penygarreg Reservoir where a Lancaster plane flew over us and Tim kept disappearing to have a dip in the water. It was a pleasant climb to Pen Y Bwlch on paths except for the last bit through rough heather. Chris's shins were sore from midge bits and so he wasn't happy with the heather. We discovered that the "north of the M62 boys" headed for the bogs while the Dark Peakers were happy in their home terrain of heather bashing!

After lots of discussion about the best route down I used my trump card (we all had one) and off we went on my route which took us high across the hills before dropping directly to Elan Village. Only it wasn't really my route we followed as I wanted to head back into the heather and so we actually ended up all over the place until Chris spotted the path down and asked if it was the one we wanted, I replied "yes" and then he just took off. We all followed and I really hoped I was right when I had said it was the path we wanted as Chris was nearing the end of his shinsore tether. "Whew - it was!" Down in the valley we headed for the support van and were welcomed in by Wendy and Charmian. This was becoming a highlight of the day with Charmian producing all sorts of surprises such as icecreams, leftover stew, potatoes, yoghurts and fruit salad.


Now it was hot - too hot for sitting out in it! We sat and enjoyed rice pudding while sorting our kit out and chatting. Wendy gave us some tips on the best way up Drygarn Fawr. I dug out some special painkillers (Diclofenac) in readiness for the horrid road to come and with an icrecream in hand we all set off. Steve was running today with Dave and they weren't far behind us.

It was nice alongside the Caban-coch Reservoir on tracks and paths mainly out of the now glaring sunshine. At the end of the road we spotted Charmian's van - more icrecreams were handed out. Wendy and Charmian were going to set off behind us up Drygarn Fawr and were just getting ready. I would have preferred to go up the nose but the others opted for a more direct line and as my shin felt better climbing I wasn't fussed! We were nearing the top of our direct line though and spotted people on a path. Heading over to them I saw it was Wendy and Charmian! Willy stubbornly stayed on his "direct bearing" while we strode up the path shouting derogatory comments at him until sense prevailed and he came across to join us!


We had team photos on the top of Drygarn Fawr and discussed the route off with Wendy assisting. Leaving Charmian and Wendy to wait for Steve and Dave we found a good trod all the way down into the valley which arrived at the rock slabs, stream and path as Wendy had described. This led to a valley and road before hitting the "Cycle way" that would lead us over Pen Y Foel to the long section of road. On the Dragon's Back this cycle way had been awful - maybe because the whole day had been painful. Willy commented that it didn't seem so bad then we hit a mass of tussocky bogs with a multicoloured oily film over the top of them and he agreed with us; it was awful. We discussed the construction of it as it looked like it had been once a good road but not anymore.

Soon at the top I said I wanted add some tape to my tape and we had a short break. The lads all cosy-ed into a peat hag while I tried to get sorted but the tape wouldn't stick to my now wet legs and already applied tape. I got my poles out and down to the road we went. I soon dropped behind the others as my shin started to complain bitterly. I tried to run on all the grass verges when I could find them and also ran the  up hill so that I could keep up with the others. It was bearable until the long steep downhill sections then it was agony. I tried various running strides but nothing worked for long. My shin and foot felt like a solid lump of pain. I even degenerated into comedy breathing (Andrew Heading's term for Amanda sometimes) when I was taking short non existent panting breaths. It hurt a lot. On and on the road went - we passed the finish used on 2012 Dragon's Back and estimated there was another two miles to go.

Uphill walking / running gave me a bit of relief but we were all stalled of road running now. Charmian's camper came towards us with the crew on their way to meet Steve and Dave. How much further we asked? To the pub and turn right then left. We nearly missed the footpath but then saw the campsite. Chris ran passed our camp to his friend's Matt tent and sat down there. We all flopped down in front of the lorry glad that the road was over!

The others arrived back in the van. Ice was procured from the pub by a resourceful and persuasive Tammy and then applied to mine and Tim's shin's. Everybody else was suffering from blisters; something I was thankfully not. This could be due to me applying sudocream to my feet every night since February 2013 as recommended by Amanda Heading at a Race Kit Ultra Seminar . Steve arrived shortly with Dave. Dave was fast becoming a new star being as he only thought he'd manage two days and had now done four! The Rhandirmwyn campsite was fantastic and had let us have the pitches at half price because we were running for Odyssey. Dinner was lasagne cooked by Lynda which even managed to surpass the usual high standard and was followed by pudding which was always worth keeping space for! An early night was the order of the day as everyone was feeling the lack of sleep and as we wanted to do the "extra loop" on Day 5 we planned to set off early at 6am.


Day 5 - While having breakfast I asked who was running with Dave as Steve and Max had been sharing days - Steve had done days 1,3 and 4, Max had done day 2 but Steve was suffering from an AF and Max had developed a bad cold. No-one knew so Tammy went to find out. Neither Steve nor Max could run so we made the unanimous decision that Dave would come with us (me, Tim, Chris and Willy plus Matt who was joining us for the day). Dave was duly dragged out of bed, given a pep talk by Max, had his bag packed by Tammy and was ready for the off by 6.03am (in fact ready before Willy!). He somehow thought he wouldn't be able to keep up but it was soon clear that he was much faster than the ailing me or the tiring Willy! The shin pain had abated slightly since last night and drugged up with mine and Wendy's pills I knew I could finish. Using the poles helped a lot but stopped me from navigating (that's my excuse!) and it was left to Chris and Matt with Willy making comments from the "backseat" whenever he felt like it.


A few miles of road took us into Llandovery and straight to the bakery!! We were worried that it would be shut as it was only 8am but it was open and everything was fresh out the oven. Breakfast seemed a long time ago (at 5.30am!). Tim set about clearing the shelves while Chris, Matt and Willy were more conservative. When Tim eventually emerged he had two shopping bags and proceeded to hand out pasties to anyone empty handed! Lovely thanks Tim! He had also bought half a cooked chicken that kept making appearances throughout the day slowly warming up while decreasing in size! Two more hours of road, tracks and forests had us arriving at Usk Reservoir to say goodbye to Wendy (after she had done her rounds with the plasters and tape applications!).











Steve was joining us for the last section and so we set off a merry bunch. Tim by the way is wearing his hood to keep the sun off - not because he is cold!

A little more road - will there ever be an end to road!? My shin was bearing up but I had started clock watching at times counting down to more painkillers. I told Tim when I took them as I know it's easy to forget when you're tired and in pain.

Once we were climbing Fan Brycheiniog I was much happier - the legs were working strongly and I felt I could run up. This was giving me confidence for my future 2013 plans. I took photos and tried to get people to be photogenic (it didn't always work!) but it was so much fun. The views from the top were stunning and even running along the ridge wasn't too painful.

On the summit we split up with Steve and Pete taking the "short" option and me, Willy, Tim, Chris and Matt doing the loop to Glyntawe. It felt good to be adding this extra on - this was what we had hoped to be doing last year on the Dragon's Back but it hadn't been included. The descent was initially pleasant on a grassy slope but got progressively more and more painful with steeper gradient and rocky steps. Reaching the bottom I needed to breath so we took a few moments while Tim found a river to immerse himself in! A little bit of road and we came across the Craig y Nos Country Park -  too inviting by half! Icecreams all round and water from the dog water hose pipe. What more can anyone ask for?

Climbing once more I listened to the banter between Chris, Matt and Willy about which top is highest and which way to go from one to another. Willy came out with a few "Urmm I thought we were's...." and we visited the various tops of Cribarth to pacify him! Matt was leading most of the time and setting a good pace which was good for us. Climbing Foel Fraith I got out the daily soggy sandwich and this time shared into four; Matt declined a piece and by the look on his face I don't think he appreciated what we saw in the soggy sandwich! This rough terrain was really pleasant for me and my ankle/shin started to feel like it was a moveable joint once more. Matt kept us moving along and slapped us into shape whenever we stopped to discuss non-important matters (he actually started calling us the Women's Institute).


Down we ran to the "extra support" point where Chris leapt into his girlfriend Tracy's arms while the rest of us tucked into yoghurts. Setting off across to the last two hills I felt elated that the week had gone so well. Even though the weather had been awful on a couple of days it just made us appreciate the weather now and also I wouldn't have wanted it hot all week; my feet were starting to swell up already. The sun was setting and even the heathery rocks that I had remembered being awful went quickly and smoothly.

We climbed the cairn on the penultimate peak (Tair Carn Uchaf) and ran down towards the last peak; (Tair Carn Isaf). As we approached it we could see a stone thing on top: was it a dog or a dragon? It was pointing at the castle so we presumed that it must have been built by Dave (he's a strong looking bloke!) and the others on their way through. We posed for photos and discussed more "best lines" before simply following Matt as we had been for a few hours now.




Running down to the road we saw everybody waiting and they all congratulated us and then ran with us the last mile or so to the castle. We approached the castle on a footpath and going through the cafe/farm yard a lady said the castle was closed. "It's ok we're only going to the gate" we said and we proceeded upwards. We took photos at the gatehouse and were walking back down when this atv came tearing upto us with the same lady screaming at us saying we were on private land. We were all confused as there were Brecon Way footpath signs and Willy and Chris studied their maps to confirm that we were on a footpath but she wasn't having it and teared off on her atv. She should have had black locks streaming out behind her!! It couldn't ruin our day and week though !

We had more photos and all piled into vehicles for the drive to Llandovery Caravan and Camping Park. Hugo Iffla was there to welcome us in and he went for fish and chips with Max while we got showered. The campsite had wavered all fees which was very nice of them. It is actually a Rugby pitch and had a nice atmosphere with families spread out round the perimeter. Out came the beers that had been bought on Monday but not consumed during the week! We all sat around the tables outside (no midges!) and ate our dinners reflecting on how wonderful the week had been. Surprise presents of Welsh whisky, toiletries and a large Welsh dragon soft toy were presented to the support: Charmian, Lynda, Gerald, Tammy, Max and Steve without whom we could not have just spent every day running and enjoying ourselves. About midnight we had to retire to our beds though; happy and contented.

Next morning we gathered for leftover breakfast and I brought out my own surprise for everybody though. About two months ago Paul Elliot has asked me if I would like mementoes making. He designed and produced these amazing dragons mounted on a plinth with peoples names on. Red for runners and green for support. I loved them and hoped everybody else would too. When times had been hard for me during the week I thought of these dragons and how everyone would like them too.

Thank you to everybody who has helped me complete the Dragon's Belly whether it was by organising, supporting, sponsoring or donating money to Odyssey. One last plea - I haven't reached my target so if anyone else can donate please do so at http://www.justgiving.com/Nicola-SPINKS1 We are going to draw the raffle for the two dvd's on the 20th July - everyone who donates name will go into the raffle.

Photos of the whole Dragons Belly  and our splits are shown below (taken from a combination of tracker and my watch times)



2013 Split Times    
     Day 1 - 2nd July 2013         Day 2 - 3rd July 2013           Day 3 - 4th July 2013     
      Start time Split       Start time Split       Start time Split
784 774 Start at Conwy Castle 07:00       National Trust Campsite - Bethania 06:45   722 194 Cymmer Abbey campsite 06:30  
730 727 Tal y Fan 610m 08:31 01:31 658 449 Moelwyn Mawr 770m 09:08 02:23 744 141 Gau Graig 683m 07:54 01:24
708 696 Drum 770m 09:30 00:59 661 438 Moelwyn Bach 710m 09:42 00:34 711 130 Cadair Idris 893m 08:49 00:55
697 682 Foel Fras 942m 09:54 00:24 665 404 Arrive Support at Maentwrog 11:00 01:18 711 130 Leave Cadair Idris 08:59 00:10
686 669 Carnedd Uchaf 926m 10:07 00:13 665 404 Leave support at Maentwrog 11:24 00:24 679 099 Gwastadfryn Farm 09:45 00:46
688 659 Foel Grach 976m 10:21 00:14 657 290 Rhinog Fawr 720m 14:42 03:18 684 040 Tarrenhendre 633m 12:17 02:32
684 644 Carnedd Llewelyn 1064m 10:40 00:19 665 270 Rhinog Fach 712m 16:12 01:30 710 059 Tarren-y-Gesail 667m 13:23 01:06
664 603  Arrive at support at Glandana 11:10 00:30 661 258 Y Llethr 756m 16:48 00:36 755 005 Arrive Machynllech 14:00 00:37
664 603  Leave support 11:30 00:20 662 234 Dyffwys 750m 17:30 00:42 755 005 Leave Machynllech 14:30 00:30
664 594 Tryfan 917m 12:36 01:06 722 194 Cymmer Abbey (Vanner) campsite 19:14 01:44 767 956 Rhiw Goch 16:16 01:46
656 583 Glyder Fach 994m 13:33 00:57           765 926 Foel Fras 529m 17:04 00:48
644 580 Glyder Fawr 1001m 14:04 00:31     Total Hours 12:29   773 911 Bryn Moel 491m 17:28 00:24
647 556 Pen-y-Pass 14:48 00:44           790 869 Pumlumon 752m 18:43 01:15
610 544 Yr Wyddfa 1085m Snowdon 16:19 01:31           798 841 Eisteddfa Gurig Farm 19:15 00:32
    National Trust Campsite - Bethania 17:25 01:06                    
                        Total hours 12:45  
    Total hours 10:25                      
     Day 4 - 5th July 2013         Day 5 - 6th July 2013           Accumulated Times     
      Start time Split       Start time Split          
798 841 Eisteddfa Gurig Farm 06:33   772 459 Gallt y Bere / Rhandyrmwyn 06:08       Nicky Spinks 63.33  
841 826 Bridge 07:30 00:57 760 412 Penfedw Fawr 06:46 00:38     Tim Whittaker 63.33  
839 803 Bryn Du 08:10 00:40 767 348 Llandovery 07:53 01:07     Chris Hare 63.33  
868 747 Bodtalog 09:18 01:08 834 286 Arrive Usk Reservoir 10:07 02:14          
905 716 Road Junction 10:15 00:57 834 286 Leave Usk Reservoir 10:35 00:28   Willy Kitchen  
929 669 Pen-y-Bwlch 500m 12:08 01:53 826 218 Fan Brycheiniog 802m 12:02 01:27   Dave Pickering  
934 654  Arrive at support at Elan village 13:25 01:17  829 145  Cribarth 14:35 02:33    
934 654  Leave support at Elan village 13:55 00:30  820 170  Carreg Goch 15:23 00:48          
863 583 Drygarn Fawr 645m 16:02 02:07  803 178  Carreg Lem 16:00 00:37          
855 527 Abergwesyn 17:40 01:38 757 183 Foel Fraith 602m 17:28 01:28          
772 459 Gallt y Bere / Rhandyrmwyn 20:15 02:35 694 174 Tair Carn Uchaf 482m 19:12 01:44          
          684 168 Tair Carn Isaf 460m 19:30 00:18          
    Total hours 13:42   668 193 Carreg Cennen Castle 20:20 00:50          
              Total hours 14:12